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We are proud to bring you a specially curated Islamic Motivation program just for our Young Muslims. 


Our highly profound Ustaz Mohamed Faisal Ayub, together with Uli Fadhli CEO of Inspire To Greatness, will be sharing practical advices and insights on what success means from an Islamic perspective in order to make positive contributions in our wider society.


What is it?


From struggle to success.


An interactive online motivation program that focused on providing the 21st Century Young Muslims with an opportunity to understand the reality of their faith and equipping them with the knowledge and tools to understand Islam and the world around them. 


Topics covered:

Islamic beliefs (Aqeedah)

Worhips (Ibaadah)

Hadith & Surah

Personal Development

Character Building

Stay Motivated & Positive

This workshop is suitable for teens:
Age 13 - 18yo


** Do take note that this is a 2 days Online Zoom Workshop **

When is the class? 


19th September 8pm to 10pm

20th September 8pm to 10pm


Usually, this workshop is $89.. However, we are now having our special promotional pricing and it is now heavily discounted to just $29!


And you, your spouse and the whole family can sit in for the workshop as well! 


However, due to overwhelming demand and we are capping the number of participants in the program so as to provide a more conducive learning for all..


So if you like to register for this Islamic Teens Motivation Workshop,
simply WhatsApp us at 92982064 to confirm your slot today!

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